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1.James' free kick was headed home by Yerry Mina on the stroke of halftime to put Everton back in front, before James rounded off an excellent individual display with two second-half goals.。
2."In the second set and the third set, I had a lot of opportunities, also easy opportunities," said Schwartzman after his 20th victory of 2020. "That's why I was really upset, really angry with myself at that time ... when I was close to winning in those sets. I couldn't do it."。
3.Sydney FC has already begun the search to find a new striker. Enditem。
4."After a tight first half, we did well on defense and rebounds in the second half," Xinjiang coach Gao Fengjuan explained.。
5.Athletic's last home defeat was probably the most painful of them all as it lost 1-0 at home to newly promoted Cadiz on Thursday despite playing against nine men for almost half an hour. The loss again highlighted the lack of attacking ideas under coach Gaizka Garitano and although there are obvious weaknesses to the squad, many think a more aggressive coach could get more out of it.。
6."I feel that physical contention is not at the same level. The opponents played tough on both ends. As for the game experience, I'm not at the same level with teammates and opponents either," she noted.。


1.The Tokyo Diving World Cup was originally scheduled to be staged from April 21 to 26 but was postponed to June due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With the global situation still severe, the biennial diving tournament has been postponed again to April 18-23 next year.。
2.Zhejiang's Shan Wanli made six 3-pointers on nine attempts to score a game-high 29 points. Wang Haimei chipped in with 13.。
3."We can feel that everything is fully prepared beforehand with an aim of offering us a safe environment to enjoy games," said Shao, who had joined Sichuan before the season.。
4."I mean, we both gave everything," said the third-seeded Thiem. "The thing in tennis is that there is one loser, one winner. Despite (being) so disappointed, I'm still happy for him."。
5.LA PAZ, Oct. 3 (Xinhua) -- Bolivia head coach Cesar Farias said Saturday his players are ready to prove their doubters wrong in their opening 2022 World Cup qualifiers against Brazil and Argentina.。
6."We contained their three-pointer shooting quite well," Dongguan coach Lin Yaosen reflected.。


1.Dubbed "Female O'Neal", Li Yueru was unstoppable in the paint in the first quarter, shooting five of five from the field to put Inner Mongolia up 24-10 as the quarter expired.。
2."We executed the coach's tactics well," she explained.。
3.A statement by the NFF said the new coach will work with Ann Chiejine, former goalkeeper and captain of the Super Falcons, who is currently the team's first assistant coach.。
4.The game will be held at Pakhtakor Central Stadium as a part of preparations for the remaining games of 2022 FIFA World Cup qualification.。
5.Trencin entered the new season with a triumph thanks to a strong second period, scoring four goals and breaking its opponent Detva in the process.。
6.With a perfect record in the new season, Jiangsu expects a tough route ahead as title contender Xinjiang awaits them on Saturday.。


1、Shanghai guard Peng Szu-Chin hobbled off the court, seemingly through a strain, just one minute into the second half. Without one of its main scorers, Shanghai could not catch up on the offensive end as Xinjiang pulled away through the backcourt combo Wang Siyu and Wang Lili's efforts.。
2、CHENGDU, Oct. 5 (Xinhua) -- Xinjiang shook off an early challenge from Wuhan and cruised to an 84-61 win in the Women's Chinese Basketball Association (WCBA) league here on Monday.。
3、Jiangsu were placed second in the group after the third round.。
4、The 19-year-old will face another qualifier -- Nadia Podoroska of Argentina in the semifinals. The latter stunned third-seeded Elina Svitolina 6-2, 6-4 to advance. Enditem。
5、The visitors from Poprad did not put on an offensive show either, but scored twice, which was sufficient for earning their first victory of the season.。


ROME, Oct. 4 (Xinhua) -- Napoli could lose 3-0 to Juventus as the Coppa Italia holders were unable to travel on Sunday, while Inter Milan and Lazio shared the spoils 1-1, with both sides finishing with 10 men.!


  • 胸口 10-22

    "Our opponents did well on making shots at the start. This is our second match of the season, and we hope to improve through each game," said Zhejiang coach Gu Jiaqing.

  • 的雨 10-21

    LONDON, Oct. 4 (Xinhua) -- The weekend produced two absolutely incredible results in the Premier League as Manchester United lost 6-1 at home to Tottenham, while reigning champion Liverpool was thrashed 7-2 away to Aston Villa.

  • 经结 10-20

    On the top floor of a downtown shopping mall, 29-year-old Sun Shaorong was sitting in a go-kart and wearing a pink helmet. The roar of the engine announced that she was ready to race with other five cars behind her.

  • 道封 10-19

    Other goalkeepers in Queiroz's squad for the matches are Camilo Vargas, Alvaro Montero and Aldair Quintana.

  • 掉他 10-18

    Three internationals against Turkey, followed by the Nations League encounter against Ukraine and Switzerland, seems to have come at an inopportune moment.

  • 小凤 10-17

    "I think I played a really good match. I was very aggressive. I knew from last year I had to change something, so I really wanted to be better than last year and definitely, I was today," said the world No. 2.

  • 亮吗 10-16

    "To be honest I was over the limit today. At the end I gave everything that I had out there, it was an amazing match," the 27-year-old added.

  • 然他 10-15

    Slovan's Canadian forward Brendan O'Donnell could have tied the game in the second period but only hit the goal post to go 1-2.

  • 吹牛 10-14

    The emerging powerhouse tamed Hebei by a 44-point gap on Friday. Center Li Yueru shot 10 of 12 from the field to finish with a game-high 21 points. Chen Liyu helped with 16. Wei Wei nailed 14 points off the bench.

  • 你不 10-13

    "She played really really well today. I think everything is tough. My ball is very short and she opened the court very nice and used very nice winners," said the world 39th-ranked Zhang, who has also achieved a personal best at Roland Garros by reaching the fourth round.

  • 骨应 10-12

    The French champions will kick off the continental campaign at home against Manchester United on October 20.

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