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1.In the 65th minute, Dalian's Ke Zhao added a goal of his own and sealed the 4-0 victory.。
2.American rider Quinn Simmons took silver and bronze went to Damien Howson from Australia. Enditem。
3.Valter, 22, broke free during the final few kilometers and the peloton was unable to catch him.。
4.A source told Xinhua, they have paid 50 percents of the negotiated fees at the initial stage of the three-year circle.。
5.Briton Adam Yates retained the yellow jersey and kept a three-second lead over Jumbo's Primoz Roglic in the overall standings.。
6.Klein called safeguarding the club's financial pattern more important than ever for the future of football.。


1.A source told Xinhua, they have paid 50 percents of the negotiated fees at the initial stage of the three-year circle.。
2.The reasons seem apparent in Klein's view.。
3.Luneng, who lost to Dalian Pro 1-0 in the last round, hit the woodwork twice during the game against Suning. Enditem。
4.It was announced here on Thursday that Iran's national football team will play Uzbekistan and Tajikistan in friendly matches in October.。
5.Djokovic will face Jan-Lennard Struff for a spot in the round of 16. The German needed one hour and 40 minutes to move past American Michael Mmoh 6-2, 6-2, 7-5.。
6.Members of the US women's team filed a lawsuit against their federation in March because of alleged discrimination over wages. A federal judge ruled against the players, who have since lodged an appeal.。


1.KUALA LUMPUR, Sept. 3 (Xinhua) -- Badminton World Federation (BWF) President and Olympic gold medalist Poul-Erik Hoyer Larsen revealed on Thursday that he is receiving treatment after being diagnosed with Parkinson's disease.。
2.The Bundesliga is also going to intensify its efforts to support football development in China.。
3."My full efforts are totally focused on leading the Badminton World Federation and fulfilling my role as IOC member. I would like to thank the badminton and sporting community for their ongoing support and I look forward to leading the BWF as we plan for our safe return to international badminton," he said.。
4.A product of the Ajax youth academy, Van de Beek made his first-team debut in 2015. In total, he played 175 official matches for Ajax, scoring 41 times.。
5.PP Sports released a statement on Thursday night, claiming the termination was just a "strategic adjustment".。
6.Under the terms of the four-year agreement, TCL is granted exclusivity in the categories of home appliances including TVs, refrigerators, washing machines and air conditioners.。


1、Calling systemic racism one of the two "pandemics" afflicting the United States, Lurie said during his annual State of the Eagles address that change will not happen until "we realize we're responsible for it."。
2、The Tour, which was moved from its original date in July due to the COVID-19 pandemic, ends in Paris on September 20. The next stage is a 191km ride from Le Teil to Mont Aigoual. Enditem。
3、Other clubs are expected to follow.。
4、World number one Djokovic struck 51 winners to notch up the win against Edmund, extending his unbeaten run this year to 25 matches.。
5、With this result, Dalian are sixth in Group A with nine points, while Henan with six points remained in last place. Enditem。


The league association is happy about setting up concepts, allowing a certain number of fans to return to stadiums using a day-to-day approach considering infection numbers.!


  • 发放 10-22

    Nouri suffered brain damage after having a heart attack during a game in 2017.

  • 已经 10-21

    Luis Enrique's team left it late and flabbergasted the hosts when Moreno flicked on a cross before Gaya poked home with a turn shot from very close range in the closing seconds of injury-time.

  • 一下 10-20

    Arrascaeta restored his team's two-goal advantage with a diving header in heavy rain but Jose Pimentel responded with his side's second goal just before halftime.

  • 间里 10-19

    In the 65th minute, Dalian's Ke Zhao added a goal of his own and sealed the 4-0 victory.

  • 千紫 10-18

    The success of clubs and coaches strengthens the Bundesliga's position in European football, against the English Premier League, Spain's La Liga, the Italian Serie A, and France's Ligue 1.

  • 墨云 10-17

    "I feel now is an appropriate time to make this news public," Larsen said in a statement." Medical science has come a long way in dealing with Parkinson's disease, and I feel very little impact of the disease in all areas of my day-to-day life."

  • 紧闭 10-16

    "Our development will not be redirected. It is just a strategic adjustment based on reality. We will continue to hand the best services to our fans and partners," it added. Enditem

  • 的强 10-15

    "Our original partnership was mainly focused on the World Cup in China. We are thrilled that this has now expanded to be a more all-encompassing partnership across all FIBA competitions."

  • 再一 10-14

    TEHRAN, Sept. 3 (Xinhua) -- Tractor Sazi beat Esteghlal FC 3-2 on Thursday to win Iran's Hazfi Cup for the second time in the soccer club's history.

  • 到头 10-13

    Germany has been on the right track over the last decades, keeping an eye on its clubs' financial policy. The COVID-19 pandemic might have enforced the impression.

  • 一突 10-12

    "We'll see what happens; we have plenty of time in this transfer window and a couple of others as well. Time will tell," commented the forward, who added "the decision is in Real Madrid's hands."

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